Christchurch Quilters Inc Membership

Full membership to Christchurch Quilters Inc. allows members to:

  • Attend the monthly meetings
  • Borrow library books
  • Receive discounts negotiated by the group
  • Participate in the Challenges, Exhibitions, Workshops and Classes

Membership is due 1 Feb every year and needs to be paid before 31 March that year.


Members may receive discounts at the following shops by showing their membership payment reciept:

  • Fabric Vision, 10% off craft fabrics not already reduced.
  • Bernina Dress Sundries, 10% off many of the goods in store.

Subject to confirmation.


$35 / year

Full membership

$20 / year

Newsletter only membership

  • Subscriptions are due 1st February.
  • New members can join at any time.

To join

  • EITHER post the completed form with a cheque for your subscription fee to:
The Treasurer

Christchurch Quilters Inc.
PO Box 22008
Christchurch 8142