Monthly Meeting

First Tuesday of the Month
Time:  7:30pm
Venue: Philatelic Society Rooms, 67 Mandeville Street
Parking is on the street.

There could be:

  • Show and tell
  • Raffles 
  • Library
  • Guest speakers
  • Demo of new techniques and equipment
  • Sales Table

Sit and Sew at Hohepa

Sit and Sew
Date: 21st August 2021
Venue: Hohepa – 23 Barrington Street, Christchurch (River end)

Sit and Sew is held in the Artemis activity Centre.

It is like a retreat in the city. We have the facility from 9:00am until 4:00pm.

What to bring: Lunch, a coffee mug, extension cord and multi-box. Sewing machine and all
associated things you need . Most importantly your charming personality.

Sit and Sew: Held each month, bring your own work and make sure you bring everything you need.
No charge

Using the Ruler foot with Kaye Amos

Date:  21st August 2021

Time: 9:30-am – 4:pm

Venue: Hohepa, 23 Barrington Street, Cashmere

Price: $35 for members

Quilting with rulers is an exciting new way to make straight lines, a vast
selection of shapes and create your own designs without the need to draw the entire design onto your work!
In the class we will cover :Machine set up,Batting choices,Tools and tips,
Quilting a block, Marking a whole cloth design, Designing your own creations.

Basics Revisted with Lynda Brocklehurst

Date:  18th September 2021

Time: 9:30-am – 4:pm

Venue: Hohepa, 23 Barrington Street, Cashmere

Price: $50  for members

Want to brush up on some basic skills, can’t remember when to use your ruler or the lines on your cutting board? Always wondered what those angled lines on your ruler were for, and how to use them? Do you know how to cut mitred corners on your borders, or make mitred corners on you bindings? Not even sure what mitre means, other than a hardware store!!

Do you have other questions, preferably quilt related, you would like to air in a totally non-judgemental, supportive seminar to solve many of your quilting woes? Maybe this is the class for you.

You will have the opportunity to use your ruler in ways you might not have considered, also revisit the basics of cutting, achieving an accurate 1/4 inch seam and binding options.

Other topics covered will be choosing your quilting design and making batting choices. This class is intended to be a chance to ask the questions we all have, and share your ideas – there is always more than one way to skin a cat, and old dogs can learn new tricks!

Foundation Paper Piecing with Paula Lawrence

Date:  This class has been deferred till November

Time: 9:30-am – 4:pm

Venue: Hohepa, 23 Barrington Street, Cashmere

Price: $50 for members

This class is for all levels including beginners.


This one day class is designed to make foundation piecing fun and easy.

You will make one block (18 inch) on the day which consists of 8 sections which join together forming a star. This can be then turned into a cushion ( as per the photo) or, you can continue to make more blocks to make a table runner. I have used a foundation pattern by Carol Doak which I have for teaching purposes, and I hope to remove any doubts you may have regarding your ability to tackle this fabulous technique, and I hope you will want to move on to a more advanced class.

I have supplied a second photo in William Morris fabrics which gives you a different look to the bold star made in Jinny Beyer fabrics I had left over from making my Moonglow quilt.

You don’t need much fabric for this class but you do need to look at your colour choices to co-ordinate.