Christchurch Quilters Inc Membership

 Membership to Christchurch Quilters Inc. allows members to:

  • Attend the monthly meetings
  • Borrow library books
  • Receive discounts negotiated by the group
  • Participate in the Challenges, Exhibitions, Workshops and Classes

Membership is due by March at the time of the A.G.M.


Members may receive discounts at the following shops by showing their membership payment reciept:

  • Fabric Vision, 10% off craft fabrics not already reduced.
  • Bernina Dress Sundries, 10% off many of the goods in store.
  • Just souvenirs, Akaroa, 10% off to members

Subject to confirmation.


$40 / year

Full membership

  • The annual subscription fee for 2023 – 2024 is $40.
  • Our preferred option for payment is by internet banking.
  • Subscriptions are due by March at the time of the A.G.M. 
  • New members can join at any time.

To join

    Fill out the downloaded form and bring it to the next meeting.